Reverse Mortgage

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The Government Insured Reverse Mortgage is the perfect loan for homeowners and homebuyers 62 years and older who want to secure their financial future and enjoy a comfortable retirement.With a traditional mortgage, you are required to pay back the loan in monthly installments. A Reverse Mortgage allows you the freedom to spend your retirement without ever having to worry about making a monthly mortgage payment. The loan works by allowing you to borrow against the value of the home and defer mortgage payments until after the last remaining occupant has moved out or passed away. The loan cannot be outlived and there will be no burden to your loved ones.

A Reverse Mortgage is a non-recourse loan, which means the cash value of your home is the only instrument that can be used to repay the loan. Investments, second homes, cars, and other valuable possessions cannot be taken from the estate to pay off the Reverse Mortgage. Best of all, with a Reverse Mortgage, you will maintain ownership of the home and never have to make a mortgage payment.

Buy a Home with a Reverse Mortgage

Many people approaching retirement wish to downsize to a smaller home or move to a new location and need a purchase home loan. You can purchase your retirement home through a combination of personal funds – such as savings, proceeds from the sale of your old home, or gifts from family members – and the loan proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage.  With a Reverse Mortgage, you won’t have to shell out the full monetary value of your new home, and you won’t have to make a monthly payment as long as you reside in the home.

Own your home? Why not rent it out or sell it — and really improve your cash flow and savings with investment property loans. Then, purchase your new home, with no mortgage payment. At California Home Solution we can qualify you for this loan and refer you to a Real Estate agent in our network that specializes in these transactions.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Home with a Reverse Mortgage Loan

  • Protection for heirs, you maintain title of your home
  • Closing costs may be financed as part of the loan
  • No application fees, deposits or obligation to get approved
  • No equity sharing with the lender
  • Government loan
  • No monthly mortgage payment
  • Refinance Your Home with a Reverse Mortgage
  • Refinancing your home loan, a Reverse Mortgage allows you to tap into the equity you’ve built up in your home and start receiving a stream of tax-free cash. Once the loan is approved, you’ll never have to pay another mortgage payment. Best of all, you’ll still maintain ownership and the title of your home.

Benefits of Refinancing With a Reverse Mortgage Loan

  • Income received is tax free
  • Protection for heirs, you maintain title of your home
  • Closing costs may be financed as part of the loan
  • No application fees, deposits or obligation to get approved
  • Receive the income as monthly payments, a lump sum, a line of credit or a combination of these
  • Government loan

A reverse mortgage can give you the freedom to retire with less financial stress, and more time to enjoy life. For more information, please contact California Home Solution Today! We are located in Woodland Hills, and serve clients in the Los Angeles area.

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